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drabble: spend all your spare time trying to escape.

title. spend all your spare time trying to escape.
fandom. grey’s anatomy.
pairing/character. alex. izzie. | alex/izzie. george/izzie.
spoilers/warnings. 4x04; ‘the heart of the matter’.
disclaimer. not mine.
word count. 502.
rating. g.
written for. pretty_stickersdrabbles. prompt is underneath the cut.
summary. this is him running. the world doesn’t stop moving — he simply starts.
notes. obviously au; feedback is ♥.

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fic: there's bread crumbs to follow.

title. there’s bread crumbs to follow.
fandom. twilight.
pairing/character. rosalie. jasper. | jasper/rosalie. emmett/rosalie. edward/bella.
spoilers/warnings. post-eclipse, obviously au. fanon.
disclaimer. not mine.
word count. 701.
rating. pg.
summary. she leaves bread crumbs along the way. it’s the only way he’s able to not lose her.
notes. these two are my otp, besides jacob/bella, so i challenged myself with the image behind the cut. this is my first twilight fic. feedback is ♥.

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fic: five things ryan atwood will never say to summer roberts.

title. five things ryan atwood will never say to summer roberts.
fandom. the oc.
pairing/character. ryan. summer. | ryan/summer. (seth/summer. ryan/marissa.)
spoilers/warnings. season three; not in chronological order.
disclaimer. not mine.
word count. 1239.
rating. g.
summary. five things ryan would never say to summer — he’s not good with words, you know.
notes. first oc fic and hopefully not the last. :) it’s probably not noticeable as to what he’d never say to summer, but hopefully you can ‘read between the lines’. this is what happens when I write the oc fic for three days straight, try to settle my love triangle and dig into summer’s brain — well, this is ryan’s :p. feedback is ♥.

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fic: where everything begins to unravel.

title: where everything begins to unravel.
‘verse: backseat.
pairing/characters: luc. alyssa. luc/alyssa. ryan/alyssa. luc/madison.
words: 1467.
summary: in the beginning there were plans; at the end there’s an impulse.
notes: this comes before this. i guess you could call it a backstory — or history. feedback is ♥. :)

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fic: scissor, string, cut.

title: scissors, string, cut.
‘verse: backseat.
pairing/characters: luc. alyssa. | mentions: luc/madison, ryan/alyssa.
words: 848.
summary: don’t you ever feel like letting go?
notes: songmuse gave me the don’t you ever get tired of it? don’t you ever feel like just letting go? prompt to use (and a couple of others) so, really, she is the one to blame for this :D ♥. I’ve been writing a hell of a lot of original fiction lately, and I’ve got my heart set on an idea that wouldn’t quite incorporate this prompt until after I wrote it out in this way.

I’ve always wanted to write a roadtrip ‘verse (I blame Jeepers Creepers and ‘Dakota’ by the Stereophonics), so Backseat (which I hope to rename; I don’t it’s that great) was created.

There’s a history between Luc and Alyssa, and the basic thing you need to know is that they’ve left home. You can say they’ve runaway, but they’ve escaped and they have left everyone behind. I wanted something damaged, so, yeah, I don’t know. :P. This whole ‘verse was inspired by the icon below (by atomiclamb).

So, I don’t know. I’m “trying” a new style — I think — with my writing. I just felt like sharing it with you all. So. Tell me what you think. :) ♥

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Christmas Fic. Requests.

It's Christmas, and as a late Christmas gift I thought I'd do fic requests as my muse has deserted me when it comes to writing anything fandom and thinking up ideas that I can put a character or two into. I don't think original fic would interest anyone at this point, and I very much need a kick in the rear to get writing again.

So, as a thank you for supporting me and sticking by me through the long pauses in my writing, I'd like to write you all a ficlet or two of your favourite pairings or characters - and a chance for you to whip me into shape and boss me around until I present your gift to you.

Just use the form in the box and, hopefully, my muse will wake up. :) You can request as many times as you want - just make sure it's something I can at least find on youtube and would like. ;) Make sure you provide prompts. I can't work without them. Have fun! :)

Merry Christmas. :) ♥
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Fic: and if i only could (SPN/GA)

Title: and if i only could.
Fandom: Supernatural/Grey's Anatomy.
Pairing/Character: Izzie, Dean, Sam.
Spoilers/Warnings: S: 2x22. G: 2x27 onwards. character death.
Disclaimer: Not mine. ;/
Word Count: 1269.
Rating: PG.
Prompt: Placebo: Running Up That Hill.
Written For: pretty_stickers.
Summary: Dean's time is up.
Notes: I took a little liberty with Dean's deal, and 3x05 of Grey's Anatomy never happened. I don't own Britney's 'masterpiece' - nor have I seen it. I wanted to see it at one point - but not anymore. I haven't written in a while, so I'm not really positive if this is that great - but it's a start, right? :) Feedback is love. ;)

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Fic: Kiss You Later (OTH).

Title: Kiss You Later
Chapter: Three; Fairy Mother.
Pairing/Character: Nathan/Brooke; Lucas/Brooke, Nathan/Haley, Lucas/Peyton.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for all episodes.
Disclaimer: Not mine. ;/
Rating: M.
Summary: She had everything she ever wanted, and in a single breath, she ran away. Back home, after two weeks of M.I.A., Brooke's homeless, heartbroken, and destroyed. In search of a place to live, Brooke finds an unlikely companion in a lonely Nathan, and a spare couch in his once-filled with light apartment. (Futurefic.)
Notes: I edited bits of chapter one and two. Chapter three is short. I haven't abandoned this fic! The link will lead you to fanfic.net. :) Feedback is love. :) ♥

('You're kind of hogging the couch.')
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Ficlet: Water Droplets (SPN/H).

Title: Water Droplets.
Fandom: Supernatural/Heroes.
Pairing/Character: Dean Winchester/Candice Wilmer.
Spoilers/Warnings: .
Disclaimer: Not mine. ;/
Word Count: 300.
Rating: PG.
Prompt: Rain.
Written For: choco_cherries.
Summary: She's herself when it rains.
Notes: This is my first Dean/Candice. I'll probably stick Candice with Sark than with this Winchester, but I thought I'd go for a different crossover pairing. I'm extremely nervous. :) Feedback is love. :)

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Drabble: Touch (Alias/Heroes).

Title: Touch.
Fandom: Alias/Heroes.
Pairing/Character: Sark/Candice.
Spoilers/Warnings: AU for Alias and Heroes; it really fits anywhere.
Disclaimer: Not mine. ;/
Word Count: 100.
Rating: PG.
Prompt: Cold.
Written For: pretty_stickers.
Summary: Without his touch, she's cold.
Notes: I've been zapped into liking this 'ship, and, well, Sark is sex and Candice's power kicks ass. Linderman has hired Sark to help him out ... and since Candice is there, well, they'd make a pretty 'ship. ;p Feedback is love. ;)

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