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74. help haiti!

help_haiti is hosting a fundraising auction to help Haiti. You can offer fanfiction, icons, fanmixes, etc. to help raise donations. Not every auction there is virtual, as you can actually send things that exist in the real world to help. Seriously, just check it out. They have alternatives available for most possible situations - such as if you can't deliver on the virtual goods, such as icons, by the set date, you can participate in the auction where it's first come first serve. All the necessary details are available at the community.

I'm up for bidding here. I'm offering to write a fic of a minimum of 1000 words in the fandoms of Friday Night Lights, The OC, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, Weeds, Gossip Girl (season one), Glee and Alias to a prompt of your choosing. My starting bid is at $2. I'll write het or gen fic of any rating. Crossovers are welcome. depthsoffire (obviously this journal ;P) is a good ~collection of what I write. Any concerns, you can contact me at this post or at my email. The details of my mini auction are at the thread.

Please go through the threads and bid on your favourite authors and/or artists! Any contribution makes a difference. If you can offer anything, please do! ♥
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