January 12th, 2010

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73. (fnl) our noses grazed.

title. our noses grazed.
fandom. friday night lights.
characters/pairings. tyra collette, tim riggins. (slight tim/tyra.)
warnings. au; post-show. slight season four mentions.
disclaimer. not mine.
words. 8068.
rating. pg.
for. fleurlb @ fnl_santa.
summary. in which billy hosts two christmas parties in the month of january and gives tim a second chance. (set in 2013.)
notes. merry christmas fleurlb! tim and tyra are my otp so i'm very glad i got the opportunity to take them on. srs bsns: i haven't seen season four so any mentions of season four things are probably not even spoilery. apologies if i got anything wrong. title is from a seth cohen (the oc) quote. i hope you enjoy! (not beta'd so any mistakes are mine.) ♥.

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