March 22nd, 2009

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66. (fnl) we burn our hands. (1/6)

title. we burn our hands. (1/6)
fandom. friday night lights.
pairings/characters. julie taylor. tim riggins. (tim/julie; tim/lyla, matt/julie.)
warnings. au; future. post-fnl.
disclaimer. not mine.
words. 11 081.
rating. r.
for. whenitsquiet for fnl_santa. requested: A long(ish) Tim/Julie fanfiction (relationship fic, can be smutty).
summary. new york pisses rain. julie moves on — baggage follows.
notes. special thanks to ladymacbeth922 ♥ for the beta and fantastic help and iluisaaa ♥ who threatened me with physical plain and shunning. (there'll be a soundtrack after; lj's being a bitch with word count limits.) feedback is ♥.

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