December 22nd, 2008

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64. (fnl/oth) that was when i ruled the world.

title. that was when i ruled the world.
fandom. friday night lights/one tree hill.
pairings/characters. brooke davis. tim riggins. (tim/brooke; lucas/brooke, lucas/peyton, owen/brooke, tim/tyra, tim/lyla).
warnings. au; future fic. post-fnl. oth: season five au.
disclaimer. not mine.
words. 306.
rating. pg.
for. choco_cherries. (week 21. prompt: free-for-all.)
summary. tim’s drunk again. they’re just understudies waiting for the lead actors to break their legs.
notes. this is me working on my lucas/brooke problems from season five and overall tim/tyra problems. this isn’t a happy little thing for tim or brooke. (unbeta’d.) feedback is ♥.

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