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64. (fnl/oth) that was when i ruled the world.

title. that was when i ruled the world.
fandom. friday night lights/one tree hill.
pairings/characters. brooke davis. tim riggins. (tim/brooke; lucas/brooke, lucas/peyton, owen/brooke, tim/tyra, tim/lyla).
warnings. au; future fic. post-fnl. oth: season five au.
disclaimer. not mine.
words. 306.
rating. pg.
for. choco_cherries. (week 21. prompt: free-for-all.)
summary. tim’s drunk again. they’re just understudies waiting for the lead actors to break their legs.
notes. this is me working on my lucas/brooke problems from season five and overall tim/tyra problems. this isn’t a happy little thing for tim or brooke. (unbeta’d.) feedback is ♥.

© flickr.

Tim’s drunk again.

He’s always drunk, over a leggy blonde, sort of like how Lucas’ drunk — constantly — on the beverage that is P. Sawyer. Brooke doesn’t mind (she’s a little drunk herself, with the help of Owen. His eyes sparkle oddly, with a turn of his lip when Tim’s there, arm around her shoulders in a sloppy way that reminds her of Texas and leggy blue eyed blondes.)

“You know Tim, I’ve been thinking of dying my hair,” she says, at the bar. She’s drinking the Brooke Davis again, formerly known as Lisa Hart and Sally Brooks. (Tim — slurred — named it a Lyla Collette, which Brooke knows isn’t right, but she’s not one to correct his mistakes.)

“Yeah?” the beer bottle is almost empty, and it’s like he’s sucking the nonexistent cracks in the glass because she has cash and he’s low. “What colour?”

She bites her bottom lip, finger dances along the rim of the glass, “Blonde.”

Tim laughs, beer bottle to mouth and it’s like he can’t breathe without it. “Don’t do that.” He doesn’t see her eyes jerk to Lucas (stupid Lucas and his basketball and broken heart that can’t be mended) and she hums a little, an alternative to yes? continue. His hands abandon the glass, curl around her arms and shoulder, “I like brunettes. Short, sharp cut brunettes.”

His lips attack her neck and her eyes cut to Owen, his dark eyes slicing at her as they dart from Mouth to Peyton and Lucas and to the glass in his hand. Hers are settled on Lucas, searching for the boy from the beach four years prior.

Lucas’ eyes are on Peyton’s something and Tim asks if she wants to get out of here.

Two nights later it’s blondes with long hair and legs that go for miles.

Tags: challenge response, challenge: choco_cherries, character: brooke davis, character: tim riggins, fandom: friday night lights, fandom: one tree hill, genre: crossover, rating: pg, ship (cross): tim/brooke
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