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61. (spn/fnl) you'll find it hiding in the shadows.

title. you’ll find it hiding in the shadows.
fandom. supernatural/friday night lights.
pairings/characters. tyra collette. sam winchester. (sam/tyra).
warnings. au; future-fic. post-both shows.
disclaimer. not mine.
words. 303.
rating. pg.
for. choco_cherries. (prompt: free-for-all.)
summary. “learning geography again?” tyra teaches sam a thing or two about them and geography.
notes. maybe a part of something bigger? idkidk. (unbeta’d.) feedback is ♥.

© abbytrysagain @ flickr.

Tyra buys him a globe.

Sam’s at the kitchen table, bent over a thick book. She glances over his shoulder, pictures of scary creatures shoved into the crevices of his past stare at her.

The globe is heavy in her hands, the world moves against her stomach and she presses her palm on the Arctic to still it. Settling it beside him, she spins it carelessly as she wraps her hand around his chair, fingers barely kissing his back.

He glances at it, pen still in hand and he’s looking back at the book, “Learning geography again?”

She rolls her eyes, “Sam.” Tyra pulls the chair out beside him, scraping it against the tiled floor. Nerves stand on edge, she doesn’t like the sound any more than he does, though he doesn’t react to it.

Folding her arms on the table, she looks at his profile, the slope of his nose. She watches his eyes, how they dart from the textbook to his notepad to her. He sighs, dropping his pen. “What is it, Tyra?” he smiles, he always does when she’s like this, his voice void of the usual exasperation accompanied with that line.

A grin pulls, and her finger travels over the globe, “You’re going to take me there.”

Eyebrows furrowed, he glances swiftly at the globe, “Where?”

She draws an invisible line over America to Australia, “Everywhere.”

He drops his pen, starts spinning the circle absently, watching the countries sift by. He pauses it, hands caging in a dark shadow, “Why’s Texas scribbled out in black marker?”

She shrugs, the table is suddenly interesting as she draws shapes of cities on the wood. She looks up, amusement gone, “We gotta keep our demons within iron gates, right?”

Sam closes the book. “Where are we going to go first?”

She smiles.
Tags: challenge response, challenge: choco_cherries, character: sam winchester, character: tyra collette, fandom: friday night lights, fandom: supernatural, genre: crossover, rating: pg, ship (cross): sam/tyra
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